Connector gold-plated aviation plug

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Industrial-grade push-pull automatic connector, plug and play, fast plug-in, fool-proof, error-proof, 5000 times plug-in, 360-degree shielding EMC protection, high-density mounting, high-quality lead-free brass synthesis, imported cnc lathe processing One-time molding, 8U gold-plated pins, real gold plating has strong electrical conductivity and no oxidation, long mechanical life, and can withstand 96 hours of salt spray test.

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Mechanical life: >5000 times of plugging and unplugging Salt spray test: 96hr
Maximum Humidity: Up to 95% at 60°C Shock resistance: 100g, 6ms
Shielding performance: 75dB (10MHZ) 40dB (1GHZ) Protection class: ip50
Working temperature: ﹣55°C ~+125°C (-55°C~+125°C when filled with silica gel)  

 Our Advantages

1.Introducing the ultimate industrial-grade push-pull automatic connector, the Connector Gold-Plated Aviation Plug. This high-quality connector boasts a plethora of features that make it the ideal choice for any industry that requires quick insertion and fool-proof connection.

2.Designed with the latest advancements in technology, the Connector Gold-Plated Aviation Plug is the perfect solution for high-density installations that require a reliable and error-proof connector. The plug and play feature ensures easy and fast installation, making it perfect for any application that demands efficiency and reliability.

3.The Connector Gold-Plated Aviation Plug features a 360-degree High-degree shielding EMC protection. This helps to minimize electromagnetic interference and ensures a stable connection even in the harshest environments. With 8U gold-plated pins, the Connector Gold-Plated Aviation Plug provides strong conductivity ensuring there's no loss of signal during transmission.

4.The real gold-plated pins resist oxidation and corrosion, providing long mechanical life and ensuring consistent and reliable performance. In fact, the Connector Gold-Plated Aviation Plug is so durable it can withstand 5000 insertions without showing any signs of wear and tear. Furthermore, it can endure 96 hours of salt spray test without affecting its mechanical or electrical performance.

5.The Connector Gold-Plated Aviation Plug is made from high-quality lead-free brass synthesis, which is processed using imported CNC lathe technology. The result is a one-time molding that produces an accurate and stable connection.

6.The Connector Gold-Plated Aviation Plug is a versatile and rugged connector that is suitable for a wide range of industries, including aviation, military, industrial, medical, and telecommunications. Its high-density installation and strong conductivity make it the perfect choice for mission-critical applications where accuracy and reliability are paramount.

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