N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable: A Product Guide

N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable is a high-quality cable that can link many sorts of radio frequency signal-using devices.


N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable has the following characteristics and benefits:

•  N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable employs a European pure copper feeder, which is a form of coaxial cable with an oxygen-free copper shielding layer. This layer improves signal transmission stability and decreases interference and noise.

•  N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable has a PVC sheath that covers the cable and protects the core from damage. The PVC sheath has a high airtightness, which means it is waterproof and moisture-proof. It is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and can tolerate harsh weather conditions.

•  N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable has all-copper gold-plated SMA connectors on both ends. SMA connections are RF connectors with a screw-type coupling mechanism. On one end, they have an outer screw inner needle and an inner screw inner hole. These connectors are not scared to bend and have a high degree of flexibility, pull resistance, and bending resistance. They are capable of ensuring a secure and dependable connection between the cable and the device.

•  N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable uses new environmentally friendly PVC/PUR material, which is softer and has better toughness than ordinary PVC. N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable can withstand long-term repeated winding and bending without breaking or cracking. N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable also has a waterproof grade IP67 protection, which means it can prevent dust and water from entering the cable and affecting the signal quality.

•  N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable has full gold-plated contacts on the connectors, which can enhance the conductivity and reduce the resistance of the cable. This can ensure that signal data is transmitted without interruption or loss.

•  N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable has single and double heads, which means it can have different types of connectors on each end, such as N male, SMA male, SMA female, etc. This can meet the requirements of various equipment and applications, such as antennas, routers, radios, and so on. It is plug and play, which means that no additional tools or adapters are required to utilize it.

•  N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable uses pure copper telecom grade connectors, which are a type of high-quality RF connector that have low loss and high performance. They can transmit clear and steady signals over great distances and frequencies.


The product process of N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable is as follows:

•  A computerized automatic wire cutting machine is used to cut the cable, allowing the length to be specified freely and precisely. The equipment can also cut many cables at once, ensuring that they are all the same length and have a suitable meter guarantee.

•  The cable is stripped by an automatic wire stripping equipment that can adjust the stripping size based on the RF connection. Additionally, the machine can strip numerous cables at once, guaranteeing that each cable has the same core length and exposure.

•  A soldering machine is used to solder the cable, which is made of lead-free silver-containing tin wire. Tin wire has a high fluidity and can fill the connector’s pinhole uniformly and plumply. The soldering machine can also solder numerous cables at the same time, delivering a firm and smooth solder bond on each wire.

•  A heat shrink tube, a sort of plastic tube that shrinks when heated, protects the cable. The heat shrink tube can produce a waterproof barrier by covering the connector and cable. The heat shrink tube also contains glue, which can tightly attach the cable and connector and prevent them from loosening or slipping off.


N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable is a product that combines high-quality materials, advanced technology and professional production. N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable can provide a superior and stable signal transmission for various devices and applications. It is a product that you can trust and use with confidence.


Post time: Nov-20-2023