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Application classification of wire harness: robot wire harness

In order for the robot to perform tasks accurately and efficiently, there must be no errors in the connections inside the robot. At this time, the crimping form of the Robot Wire Harness is very important, and we also need to have strict requirements on it. The crimped wire harness must be stable and reliable. With the continuous rise of labor costs, the use of robots in the industrial field is becoming more and more respected. Robot application scenarios range from 1.0 to 2.0 to today’s robot 3.0 era. More and more robots Begin to replace humans to complete more and more complex tasks, and the consumer service field will take the lead in becoming the next blue ocean, from unmanned cash registers in supermarkets, food delivery robots in restaurants to robot applications in production line workshops, industrial fields and consumer fields. The era of robots has truly opened the era of 3.0. The Chinese government released [Robot 3.0 New Ecology in the Era of Artificial Intelligence], mentioning that robots are the key support for China’s manufacturing industry in the future and the cornerstone of the development of advanced manufacturing industries. IDC released data that the Chinese robot market in 2021 The scale has reached 472 billion yuan; China has become the largest and fastest growing robot market in the world, and is expected to continue to lead! At present, the wiring harness enterprises in South China have established the Robot Cable Association, and the future robot wiring harness will start regular army operations.

The cables used by industrial robots have different required characteristics due to different parts of use. What types of wires and cables are used by industrial robots? Wires and cables for robots are generally divided into cables for signal circuits and cables for power circuits.

A: There are two types of signal circuit and power circuit, and it is mainly used for ultra-bend-resistant cables or spring cables that are subjected to extreme bending and twisting, such as the rotating part or the wrist part.
B: It is also divided into signal circuit and power circuit. It is mainly used for bending-resistant cables in places with less frequency and milder conditions than A, such as general joints.
C: It is a signal circuit, mainly used for guiding the wires of the box, because it needs to be operated and used, it needs a flexible cable.
D: It is divided into two types: signal circuit and power circuit, mainly used for the contact cable between the robot and the control device, and the method of use is divided into fixed wiring and mobile wiring.
E: It is divided into signal circuit and power circuit, mainly used for wires and cables for fixed wiring inside machines such as control devices.

Application classification of wire harness: robot wire harness

Banking equipment wiring harness (Industrial Wire Harness), banking equipment wiring harness can generally be used for banking equipment, including: window walkie-talkie, queuing machine, LED display, interest rate screen, ID card authenticator, etc., window charging system, bank walkie-talkie, check authenticator, Automatic teller machines (ATM), automatic deposit machines, revolving automatic teller machines (CRS), self-service inquiry machines, self-service payment machines, etc., the wiring harness terminals generally use TYCO connectors/AMP connectors (Tyco connectors), etc., with domestic The improvement of the continuous research and development capabilities of connector companies, the market research of China’s connector industry, and the acceleration of the localization of connectors!

However, with the popularization of the cashless society and the digital currency policy that has been launched, some banking equipment will show a trend of gradual reduction, and the wiring harness of banking equipment will usher in a sharp decrease in the future. Develop alternatives to growing wiring harness categories such as robotic harnesses and automotive harnesses.

Application classification of wiring harness communication data, security wiring harness

Communication data/security wire harness (lndustrial Wire Harness), there are many types of security system wire harness, such as closed-circuit monitoring, burglar alarm, access control and attendance card, network engineering, parking lot management, smart home, smart office, video intercom, conference system, Smart audio and video, with the upgrading of existing products by 5G networks in the future, will usher in a climax. Due to the sharp increase in product demand and the status of the existing volume, its unit price is basically the same as that of consumer products, mainly in the electronics industry. The price difference between product application solutions, so if a new entrepreneur who is going to enter this industry must understand the size of their needs and the funding situation, the current mainstream application end customers of security wiring harnesses are Dahua, Univision, Hikvision, Xiongmai, etc., but the price of wiring harnesses has been pulled very low. With the wiring harness factory for Chuangyixin and Kaiwang, which has just been listed, the profit margin of the security part has already become red sea.

At present, in the mainstream cabinets in the market, SFP28/SFP56, QSFP28/QSFP56 IO modules are mainly used for connection between switches and switches, and between switches and servers. In the era of 56Gbps rate, in order to pursue higher port density, people have further developed QSFP-DD IO modules to achieve 400G port capacity. With the doubling of the signal rate, the port capacity of the QSFP-DD module can be doubled to 800G. We call it OSFP112. It is packaged with 8 high-speed channels, and the transmission rate of a single channel can reach 112G PAM4. The entire package The total transmission rate is as high as 800G; it is backward compatible with OSFP56, which doubles the rate compared with the same time, and meets the IEEE 802.3CK Association standard; subsequently, this will inevitably lead to a sharp increase in link loss, making the passive copper IO module The transmission distance is further shortened. Based on realistic physical constraints, the IEEE 802.3CK team, which formulated the 112G specification, reduced the maximum length of the copper cable link to 2 meters on the basis of the 56G copper cable IO with a maximum rate of 3 meters. The market is changing rapidly, and the speed of future development is still uncertain. will be faster. The good news is that from standards bodies to the industry, promising and significant progress has been made, which is expected to help data centers upgrade to 400G and 800G. But removing technical barriers is only half the challenge; the other half is timing. Every two to three years is an update cycle, and new technologies are also being released at an accelerated rate. It is difficult for operators to accurately judge the appropriate transition time. Once a misjudgment occurs, the cost will be higher. The mainstream of existing domestic data centers is 100G. 25% of the deployed 100G data center is copper, 50% is multimode fiber, and 25% is single-module fiber. Facilitated migration to faster network speeds. Therefore, every year, the adaptability and survivability of large-scale cloud data centers is a test. At present, 100G is pouring into the market in large quantities, and it is expected that 400G will usher in this year. Nevertheless, data traffic continues to increase, and the pressure on data centers will continue unabated, and related wiring harness companies such as Kingsignal, Hongtaida, Successlink Optoelectronics, Hongtaida, etc. will benefit.

Application classification of wiring harness: UPS series industrial control wiring harness

With the widespread application of computers in economic development, some important places such as finance, information, communication, industrial control systems, etc. have higher and higher requirements for the reliability and stability of power supplies, especially industrial control systems, which require high quality, high Stable power supply. When the power grid system suddenly loses power, the power supply must maintain power supply for a certain period of time, so as to perform protective processing on the data of the industrial control system and keep the field instruments and control valves in a safe position. In the event of an accident, the UPS series industrial control wiring harness is very important. The connecting wiring harness is mainly used in electronic and electrical products. Most industries need to use wiring harnesses. The largest market segment is telecommunications, followed by automotive and instrumentation industrial automation equipment, and the third largest market is medical, aviation, railway, transportation, etc.; such wiring harnesses are mainly used in AC uninterruptible power supply system, such as UPS and power distribution, etc.

The industrial UPS power supply is composed of two parts: the main unit and the battery. The wiring harness is mainly the power control line, such as the switching power line, the power line of the computer, etc. The length of the delay (power supply) depends on the capacity of the battery and the weight of the load and the cable. cross-sectional area. Generally, wire harness manufacturers will configure cables with AWG numbers that meet the power control requirements according to customer requirements.


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