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With the development of industrial intelligence and the rise of China as an industrial giant, wiring harnesses are like the blood vessels and nerves of industrial equipment. The market demand will increase, the quality requirements will become higher and higher, and the process requirements will become more and more complex. Wire harnesses can be seen everywhere in life. They are mainly used to connect various electrical equipment in the circuit. They are composed of terminals, insulating wrapping materials, insulating sheaths and wires. They are input and output. Carrier of electric current and signal. So what are the types and applications of wiring harnesses? Today we will summarize and share together, thank you!

Types of wire harnesses and overview of product applications
Wiring harness is one of the products with the fastest development, the largest market demand and the most convenient installation in today’s electronics and information age industry, from popular household appliances to communication equipment, computers and peripheral equipment, as well as security, solar energy, aircraft, automobiles Wiring harnesses are widely used in military instruments and equipment. At present, the wiring harnesses we come into contact with are made of various wires and cables according to different circuit numbers, hole numbers, position numbers and electrical principle requirements. components, external protection and the connection of nearby systems, the assembly of the wire harness, but the product application of the wire harness is mainly in the functions of four parts. According to the application scenario, various functional cables will be selected for matching applications. The details are as follows Drive screen wiring harness, control wiring harness, power control, data transmission, etc., there will be more product categories, such as railway locomotive wiring harness, automobile wiring harness, wind power connection wiring harness, medical wiring harness, communication wiring harness, household wiring harness, industrial control wiring harness, etc. ;Wiring harness is a variety of complete equipment, instrumentation, basic equipment that is indispensable for signal and power transmission. It is a necessary basic product in the future electrification and information society. The following are common wiring harness products. You have seen several?

Screen drive wiring harness is mainly used in the drive wires of various display screens, as long as it is used in the field of display screens.
The control wiring harness is mainly used to connect circuit boards to control electrical signals, financial equipment, security equipment, new energy vehicles and medical equipment.
Power control lines, such as switching power lines, computer power lines, etc.
Data transmission lines, upload and download signals, such as HDMI, USB and other series.

Automotive wiring harness for wiring harness application classification
Automobile Wire Harness (Automobile Wire Harness) is the main body of the network of automotive circuits, and there is no automotive circuit without a harness. The wire harness refers to the contact terminal (connector) punched out of copper and the wire and cable after crimping, and the outside is re-molded with an insulator or a metal shell, etc., and is bundled with a wire harness to form a connected circuit assembly. The wire harness industry chain includes wire and cable, connectors, processing equipment, wire harness manufacturing and downstream application industries. Wire harnesses are widely used and can be used in automobiles, household appliances, computers and communication equipment, various electronic instruments and meters (screen drive wire harness), The body wiring harness is connected to the entire body, and its general shape is H-shaped. The automobile wiring harness is the network main body of the automobile circuit, which connects the electrical and electronic components of the automobile and enables them to function. Without the wiring harness, there is no automobile circuit. At present, whether it is a high-end luxury car or an economical ordinary car, the form of the wiring harness is basically the same. It is composed of wires, connectors and wrapping tape. It not only ensures the transmission of electrical signals, but also ensures the connection of circuits To ensure the reliability of the electrical and electronic components, supply the specified current value to prevent electromagnetic interference to the surrounding circuits, and to exclude electrical short circuits. There are two types of automotive wiring harnesses in terms of function: the power line that carries the power to drive the actuator (actuator) and the signal line that transmits the input command of the sensor. Power lines are thick wires that carry large currents (power control lines), while signal lines are thin wires that do not carry power (data transmission lines).

Conventional automotive wiring harness products have the characteristics of heat resistance, oil resistance, and cold resistance; at the same time, it is rich in flexibility, used for internal connections in automobiles, and can adapt to high mechanical strength and use in high temperature environments. In addition, with the development of intelligence, automobiles It is not an engine with a row of sofas, and a car is not only a means of transportation, but also a complex computer, which has the function of connecting everything in office and entertainment. More, the quality must meet the zero-defect requirements of TS16949, and a 10-year effective quality assurance period must be maintained. With the popularity of new energy vehicles, the demand for new energy vehicles has skyrocketed in the near future, and its requirements for suppliers must be able to Manufacturers who provide a complete set of cable design and development solutions, so new entrepreneurs who plan to enter this industry must understand the threshold and requirements of automotive wiring harnesses.

Application classification of wire harness – medical wire harness
Medical Wire Harness (Medical Wire Harness), as the name suggests, is used in medical equipment, and the wiring harness products supporting medical equipment are the circuits of medical electronic equipment. It can be said that medical electronic equipment cannot operate normally without wiring harness. Its wires are all made of high-quality wires that have passed UL, VDE, CCC, JIS and other certification standards. The commonly used wired-to-board connectors, D-SUB connectors, pin headers, and aviation plugs for medical connectors are used. Connector brands generally use international brands such as TYCO (Tyco Connectors) and MOLEX. The system certification is generally based on 13485 medical certification, and most materials also require sterilization requirements. Entrepreneurs must understand the threshold and requirements of medical wiring harnesses. According to the survey report of the research institution BCC Research, the annual growth rate of the global household medical equipment market continues to rise, and medical electronics will become a new growth point for connector applications.

The medical wiring harness is made of electronic wires cut to an appropriate length according to the drawings, and then punched with copper to form contact terminals (connectors) that are crimped with wires and cables, and then molded on the outside with insulators or metal shells, etc., to wire harnesses. Components that are bundled to form connected circuits. control wiring harness); the medical industry has high-risk and high-precision industry characteristics, and its medical device standards are different from general device standards. In terms of the strictness of the standards, the inspection standards for medical devices are the most stringent.

Wire harness application classification industrial product wire harness
Industrial wire harness (lndustrial Wire Harness), mainly refers to some electronic wires, multi-core wires, flat wires, etc. with components in the cabinet, and is mostly used in industrial UPS, PLC, CP, frequency converter, monitoring, air conditioning, wind energy and other cabinets Inside, currently one of the wiring harnesses with the largest number of employees, there are many subdivided products (sensors & industrial control systems; network communications, temperature control and air conditioning, air conditioning systems, LED and lighting, rail transit, ships and ocean engineering, renewable new Energy, measurement and testing equipment, packaging and logistics transmission), covering the most types, there are not too many requirements for certification and scale, but entrepreneurs need to understand the attributes of this industry, mostly small and diverse, and also There is a lot of demand for branded materials, and there are many choices for the supply chain, especially for the selection of connectors, which require a lot of brands and types.

The main test of industrial wiring harness is that there are a lot of parts and the production places are all over the world. It is necessary to coordinate and cooperate with the delivery date of various materials to meet the delivery date of wiring harness products. The supply chain management ability of the factory is very strict, especially in today’s epidemic situation. The global supply chain is in turmoil, chip shortages, and raw material prices have been rising again and again (when will the overall price increase of molex, JST, and TE brand connectors stop! The localization of connectors will accelerate again!), and then domestic power cuts, repeated epidemics, for The postgraduate entrance examination for industrial product wiring harness companies is very huge, and the number of industrial wiring harness companies in mainland China is very large. The data we collected before in South China is about 17,000. Of course, there are still those that have not registered on our platform, and the industry competition is also very fierce.

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