Connector IP67 male and female aviation plug

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IP67 waterproof, high elastic sealing ring design, strong fixing tension, good sealing, ensure safe use of cables, and no water seepage for a long time.

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From the first step to the last step, there is a complete process, and the process engineer and quality engineer follow up and guide the whole process to ensure that in any link, follow the SOP operation to ensure the quality and structure of the product, which fully meets the customer's requirements. Lighting connectors, aviation Plugs, waterproof connectors, harness cables; all products comply with international standards (VDE, UL, CQC, etc.) and international environmental protection standards (SGS). Nylon original wire high-density pure copper shielding mesh supports combustion, high temperature resistance, antifreeze, more cold resistance, and is not easy to ignite, etc. Double-layer insulation jacket and double-sided insulation protection jacket improve the wear resistance of the wire and extend the oxidation resistance of the conductor core, safety and leakage prevention , Stronger durability, 500 times of plugging and unplugging tests will not damage the socket mechanism, pure copper conductors, pure copper tinned guides, better conductive function, thickened and reinforced plugs, fast speed, high precision, good quality, in line with national standards , fully automated, high-quality electroplating, fast cycle. All products have passed the network sub-test and shipped quality assurance.

Connector IP67 male and female aviation plug4

Product Parameters

Voltage range: 1-500V Production process: one-piece injection molding
Interface type: AC/DC Wiring material: PVC (ROHS environmental certification)
Wire specifications: national standard 3C certification current Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ
Contact body material: gold-plated copper Applicable temperature -25℃~+80℃
Protection class: IP67  

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